Actor discusses his love for designer wears

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The handsome actor, who is also a model, revealed that he can wear a dress for close to 10 years if he gets attached to it.
‘Stolen Lives’ actor, IK Ogbonna, who expressed his interest in maintaining his dapper image, has revealed that he can wear a particular cloth for ten years.
Ogbonna revealed this in an interview with Punch News, where he stated that in the event where he gets attached to a dress, he does not mind wearing it for a long period of time.
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He said, “I get attached to some clothes and if that be the case with a particular cloth, I can use it for as long as 10 years. And this is where quality comes in. If you don’t buy quality clothes, you can’t enjoy their usage in the long run.”
The fine looking actor, who is married to a Columbian lady, Sonia Morales, also mentioned that he has no qualms patronising local dress designers, as long as they can improve his appearance and make him feel comfortable.
However, as far as shoes and perfumes are concerned, his preference will be for foreign designers.
“I always admire our local designers. Some of them make amazing designs which look good on you.”
“Some of them that I patronise, their products make you conclude that they are thinking out of the box. I am not a foreign designers freak.”
“I love local designers who do great jobs. As long as a cloth looks good on me and I’m comfortable in it, it’s okay with me. It’s only when it comes to shoes and perfumes that I can go for foreign designers.”
IK Ogbonna is an Abia born actor and model. He is known for his roles in the movies ‘Playing Safe’, ‘Love Lorn’ and ‘The Devil Lives Here’.

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