Airtel 5GB Latest Cheat [Updated]

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I’m happy to share with you a trick my boss our
Commander in alheri daniel shared with me few
minutes ago and after doing it i was credited with
free 5GB From Airtel! NO ROOT NEEDED
Here’s my own discovery. You don’t need to change
your phone imei. 1. Tweak the working imei with imei analyzer 2. You don’t need MTK engineering mode cuz u are
not changing ur device imei
3. Send the imei u tweaked with letter S in front e.g
S861143032392473 to 232
4. After that send JOIN to 141 You can also send this very one lyk
this on your device no need of tweaking.
This the one our Commander in Cheif Kingclick (my
boss) shared with me and i was given the free 5GB
Airtel 5GB l.e
S851059448659505 to 232 Then you send JOIN to 141

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