Dear Kiss Daniel, It Is Time To Wake Up From Your Slumber!

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On several occasions, artistes take for granted the consequence of drought and hiatus in the Nigerian music scene. Sadly for us, today, boi-kiss is one of those who have made that list.
I don’t think any other artist enjoyed a more fulfilling year (asides Wizkid ) than G-Worldwide’s Kiss Daniel did in 2016.
It was like a flip of page or should I say coin for the afro pop singer who went from being shunned for one of the most dramatic award categories in Nigeria to bagging home the hip-hop world revelation award and best pop album of the year plus other awards.
Kiss Daniel was arguably the biggest new indigenous artist of the year 2016. Formerly, we thought the boy was not loved after receiving ‘cold shoulders’ at the top. But critical review has shown that Kiss Daniel is moving in the wrong wagon.
Yes! To be clear; it is safe to say the G-Worldwide team has failed to use this boy’s potential the way it should. I mean, I recall many saying that Kiss Daniel has that fusion of 9ice and
2Baba . As an artiste who just recently broke into the A-list category; you don’t start a new music year later than your fellow counterparts. The 1st quarter is just ending and there has been no talk of new offerings from Kiss Daniel.
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We have so far enjoyed the ‘New Era’ album as well as the array of visuals that followed suit, but it is a new year and this favourite boy is seriously lagging behind.
Does this mean G-Worldwide is incapable of effectively managing just the two artistes they have? Honestly, so many questions come to mind but the more I think about them, the more rhetoric they get.
Oh and one more, what’s the deal behind this no collaboration clause in their artistes’ contract?
Sometimes we laugh at the deals these artistes sign with their founding record label. G-Worldwide is not even a crowded label but yet they have failed at honing the potentials laden in the prospects-full music acts, which they signed.
Lastly need I say that only one thing can happen this year; ‘Kiss Daniel quits G-Worldwide’ that is definitely a headline I will be looking forward to.
Dear Kiss Daniel, stop the tours and videos and get back to studio for new project!
It is time to wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! (Scene close).

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