Join the new money making machine program in Nigeria –”BONITAZ”–

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Bonitaz is a worldwide financial enterprise pioneered by philanthropic and optimistic investors from differents parts of the globe who have come together to enhance economic stability in our various societies in order to make financial relations fairer.​
Bonitaz works by making certain donation to a participant which gives the donor an additional value of 100% of his/her initial capital donated within the two(2) to thirty days(30) of the account activation.
This is made possible by the contributive teamwork of global entrepreneurs as well as the innovative Three-level Automatic Account Recycling Policy-One of the hidden mechanics that ensures the sustainability of Bonitaz.​
Presently, Bonitaz, in order to accommodate people of various financial capabilities; offers the following packages…
☆ $10: with a returnable value of $20% (ALPHA PACK)​
☆ $20: with returnable value of $40 (BETA PACK)​
☆ $40: with returnable value of $80 (GAMMA PACK)​
☆ $100: with returnable value of $200 (DELTA PACK)​
*(It is purely extra value of 100% on investment:
From 2 to 30days of account activation)*
NB: Bonitaz has no central account. All donations are made directly in participants’ bank account in the value of their local currencies.​
Bonitaz’ site is regulated by a team of highly cyber-security and tech savvy programmers who have undertaken highly security sensitive software projects. It is therefore secured and protected against hackers with the durable Comodo Security-the best of web security systems of the moment. In Bonitaz, there’s room for questions and analyses…
Why not join the community and a make difference?
Tell friends and families that Bonitaz has come your way.
For more details, visit​

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