Mayorkun Vs Mr. Eazi, Who Turned Out To Be The Bigger Act In 2017?

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Mayorkun Vs Mr. Eazi, Who Turned Out To Be The Bigger Act In 2017?

Its the end of the year and report cards are being pulled together.

For this post, we will be disusing DMW signee Mayorkun, and Starboy Worldwide act Mr. Eazi, between these two men, who had a better and interesting year.


This young artiste’s initial trajectory is well known; his song ELEKO, which did a fine job placing him on the list of young acts to be closely watched. Since the release of that song, Mayorkun, has done a great job honing his brand and sound, leading to the release of more successful songs to include Sade, Che Che and one of the biggest songs of the year ‘MAMA.’

Now despite his songs hardly holding firm content that could do a fine job travelling through time, devoid of energy and boasts of a little creativity mixed with an extravagant show of the lack of in the visuals to his songs, the fact still remains, he will be counted as one of the hit-makers in the history of the country.

Mayorkun has also gone on the snag a few awards this year and is set to star in his own concert this December, so yeah….he has done well for himself and his label.

MR. Eazi

He is undoubtedly top on the list of the most hated Nigerian at the moment following his need to continue blabbing and bragging about his prowess in the music industry but again, isn’t that what everyone does, a little bit of cockiness, makes the sun shine brighter, right, right???

But despite, his new title and look in the eye of Nigerians, Mr. Eazi, has done well for himself this year, dropping an album, collaborating with some of the top acts in and outside the country and performing at some top shows shows around the world to include his Detty World tour, which turned out to be a massive success.

So guys sentiments asides, between Mayorkun and Mr. Eazi, who turned out to be a bigger act in 2017?

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