Neymar 'Un-follows' Cavani.

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It seems the feud between PSG stars Neymar Jr and Endinson Cavani won’t be ending anytime soon as Neymar un-followed his fellow clubmate on social media platform Twitter.
The disagreement allegedly started when the Brazilian and the Uruguayan argued over who to take a spot kick in their 2-0 win over Olympique Lyonnais. The Latter took the Kick which he missed but all seemed well until French Media outlet L’Equipe reported that Thiago Silva, the club captain, separated them from fighting in the dressing room.
PSG Coach Unai Emery has denied those allegations but said the 2 stars have to decide who should be taking Penalties and free kicks or he will have to do it for them even if it means alternating it for them. Cavani had also dismissed the rumors saying “people always make things out of nothing”.
Pundits, journalists and ex-players have criticized Neymar Jr for being childish after the incident but it seems that controversy will always follow him as the fall out from their Champions league win over Celtic where he refused a handshake from the opponent’s 18yr old defender because of his rough tackle on him during the match hasn’t yet cleared.

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